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Welcome to a piece of history of the hamlet of Castel Rigone:
Relais La Fattoria

Our buildings date back to the 17th century. They have been built on the ruins of the Castle of the Barbarian Arrigo, a stronghold in guarding the entire valley of Perugia. From then they have been the center point of the hamlet of Castel Rigone.

Being the main farm of the hamlet with hundreds of hectares of land, the buildings were the Manor House of “La Tenuta di Castel Rigone”. This prosperous farm (“La Fattoria”) and its rooms, gardens and spaces, were often the holiday homes of important Nobles and Counts who were passing through Umbria.

A video is worth a thousands words

Our family is responsible of these buildings since 1960. Our mission is to keep them alive and have their story continued so for visitors to enjoy their charme, as well as for the hamlet of Castel Rigone and its locals.

“Thanks to Aldo Pammellati (my dad) this place was renovated as we can enjoy it today. Thanks to Lidia Castellani (my mum) the kitchen with the traditional recipes took life. Now me, Roberto, and my sister Gabriella are the hosts and custodians that are writing the next chapter”

Roberto Pammellati

watch this video to see more about our venue and to hear the story of these buildings and our family. *turn on subtitles and switch them english language

Our Story


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